AMO is a psychologicaly damaged MO (robots created by a inventor named Moe) who serves as the main antagonist of the Adventure time two-part Christmas special The More you Moe, the Moe you know. He is voiced by Thu Tran.

History Edit

He is the very first MO to be built, his main purpose was (unlike BMO whose was to GIVE love) to RECEIVE love. But his lust for being loved grew and grew. One day, Moe dies, and in his last breath, told him to send his back-up memory drive to space. This lead AMO to conclude that Moe never loved him. Angered, he betrayed his fellow siblings and threw them into a compressing machine. And decided to take the place of the most loved, and most special MO, BMO

Adventure Time Edit

AMO posed himself as Moe, saying that he is communicating to Finn, Jake and BMO through his technology at home. In order to be loved by Finn and Jake, he does lots of weird stuff to make himself in the center of attention, like framing NEPTR for stealing his legs (despite it being obvious that he beat up NEPTR and put the evidence in him). However, BMO , who went to the MO factory because of a special mission given him by Moe/AMO, finds out who he really is and what did he do to all the MO's. Realizing his true nature, BMO quickly rushes to his home and comfronts AMO to fight him. AMO then reveals the weapon on his head that is capable of blasting out powerful energy spheres, but regardless BMO manages to latch onto his weapon and uses it against him by launching him off of a mountain top. Sending him to his demise.

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