Abo is one of the main villains in the Dragon Ball Z movie; Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!.Contents[show]AppearanceAbo is a tall, and heavy blue alien. He has pointy ears, a horn on his head and wears the outfit that every minion of Frieza wears. HistoryWhen Goku and his friends were attending a party in dedication of Hercule, Vegeta's younger brother Tarble appears. He told them that he's been followed by the duo known as, Abo and Kado. Tarble stated that they are as powerful as Frieza and he can't defeat the on his own. So the Z Fighter decided to have Trunks fight Abo. When Abo and Kado arrived, Trunks confronted Abo. At first, Trunks easily overpowered Abo, but when Abo used his cloning ability he was able to give Trunks a bit of a challenge. With the help of Gohan's guidence, Trunks was able to overpower Abo again. Tired of Trunks, Abo and Kado decided to merge together to form Aka. It took the powers of the all the Z Fighters to defeat Aka. After Aka was defeated, Aka reverted back into Abo and Kado. The Two decided to joined the party and eat all the parsnips. PowersAbo possesses most of the powers of most of the villains in the Dragon Ball villains, such as flight. Abo can create 3 clones of himself that are just as powerful as the real Abo. He is also to merge with his brother Kado to form Aka. Power LevelDuring their time as minions of Frieza they had similar power  to the Ginyu Force. This means that they each had 40,000. Abo and Kado are stated to have power levels equal to Frieza by Tarble, and since Tarble only ever knew about Frieza's first form this means Abo and Kado have around 530,000.

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