Group: Mythical Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Spinning Needle, God Tornado

The first time an Airdramon appeared was actually just after the destruction of VenomMyotismon - it was seen on a news broadcast for a mere second. Four years later, however, the Digimon Emperor had squadrons of Airdramon under the control of his Dark Rings. The first time on appeared was when he used one to escape from the new DigiDestined when they discovered his true identity. After that, he used them to carry the Dark Ring-possessed Greymon to battle the DigiDestined When Greymon Digivolved to SkullGreymon, and then reverted to Agumon, the Airdramon again carried him away. After the Emperor captured Agumon again with aDark Spiral, and Dark Digivolved him into MetalGreymon, a squadron of Airdramon accompanied the Emperor as he rode on the viral creature's back. WhenRaidramon destroyed the Spiral, an Airdramon swooped down to pick up the Emperor and flee.

A squadron of Airdramon shot down Birdramon and left her stranded in a desert, to be ambushed by Starmon, and then Pegasusmon and Angewomon battled another Airdramon in the World of Darkness. Rather than remove the Dark Ring possessing it, however, Angewomon elected to destroy it with her Heaven's Charm attack.

The Emperor and Wormmon were seen riding an Airdramon after a setting up a Control Spire near the village ruled by ShogunGekomon.

Airdramon data was also spliced into Kimeramon by the Emperor, giving the creature Airdramon wings, and much later, an Airdramon partnered with Tatum, an Irish-American DigiDestined was seen in New York when Digimon were rampaging on Earth. Several Airdramon were also sighted on the China/India border. Multiple Airdramon (one of which would have been Tatum’s) were then seen during the final confrontation with MaloMyotismon.

An Airdramon first appears in "The Battle for Earth." They first appear under the Emperor's control in "Ken's Secret."

Name: From "air" and "dragon," which "dra" is short for.

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