Al McWhiggin

Full Name

Albert McWhiggin


Al, The Chicken Man


To sell the Roundup Gang to the Konishi Toy Museum in exchange for money


Receives no money after failing to deliver the Roundup Gang

Albert "Al" McWhiggin, also known as The Chicken Man, is one of the two main antagonists in Disney/Pixar's 1999 filmToy Story 2. He is a greedy toy collector and owner of Al's Toy Barn who kidnaps Woody.

Role in the film

Al had made a deal with Mr. Konishi of the Konishi Toy Museum in Japan to gather Woody's Roundup Gang in exchange for money. On his search, he found Stinky Pete, Jessie, and Bullseye. Some time later, he attended a yard sale, where he discovered Woody, who had rescued Wheezy from being sold. After Andy's mother refused to give Woody to Al, the toy collector caused a distraction before grabbing Woody and fleeing in his car. After deciphering the location of Al's Toy Barn, Buzz, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, and Hamm set off to rescue Woody.

Al placed Woody with the rest of the gang, but was faced with a predicament when Woody's arm was severed. After contacting a toy repairer to fix Woody's arm, Al took several pictures of the gang and transported them to Konishi before scheduling a flight to Japan, placing the Roundup Gang in a green box to safely transport them. Unfortunately for Al, as the box was in the airport, Woody's friends helped free the Roundup Gang before the plane could take off. As a result of this, Al received no payment, and was last seen sobbing on the television screen as a result.


  • He is a business man that tricks and steals, which makes him similar to the live action villain Paul Swindell.


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