Victorian Rex

Full Name

Allosaurus fragilis


Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex


Eat Ann Darrow


Gets killed by King Kong

The Allosaurus is a minor, but famous, antagonist in the 1933 black-and-white classic monster film King Kong. In the colored version he is pink in color. There has been a large debate as to whether the Allosaurus was actually a Tyrannosaurus rex. Charles R. Knight said it was an Tyrannosaur, but he was wrong. The Allosaurus had three fingers while instead of two.

Role in King KongEdit

1933 film

When Kong put Ann Darrow on a tree to keep her safe while he went to fight the film crew, the Allosaurus wandered by. Ann screamed in terror and the Allosaurus noticed her and stomped to her. Kong heard the Allosaurus and Ann and quickly came to the rescue. There was a brief stand-off, and finally the two giants clashed. The beasts tried to pin the other to the ground and kill them, and Kong appeared to have the upper hand until the Allosaurus kicked him and he crashed to the ground. The Allosaurus got up and waited for Kong to get back up. The two brawled again, and Kong jumped on the dinosaur's back and grabbed his jaws. The Allosaurus fell to the ground and Kong pried his jaws open, killing him.

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