Apemon (ハヌモン "Hanumon") is a champion mammalian Digimon of the vaccine type. They are ape Digimon with yellow fur, and carry a bone on their back. They live out in the jungles in the trees but they are generally found roaming on the ground because they are looking for food. They use most attacks with their arms, rarely using the bone on their backs. Their special attack is the Angry Spike, on which they shoot their needle-like hair around. Their name comes from the mighty Hanuman, one of the many reincarnations of Shiva in the Hindu mythology.

In Ultima, Apemon are Engineer-Class D-Minions in the Digimon Minion Army. They are the natural evolution of Monmon, but also digivolve from a Bakumon who has been injected with Ape DNA and then made to digivolve through Digivolution Mutagen. Apemon units will naturally digivolve into Gokuwmon, but they can be made to digivolve into Mammothmon through an injection of Mammoth DNA mixed with Cryo-Ice Age Armor.


Mega Bone Stick

Metallic Fur

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