Archie Doyle is a villain in Tony Abbot's Copernicus Legacy series. He is a charismatic and evil assassin working for the Knights of the Teutonic Order. Killing people is his favorite hobby, and he will do it to anyone who tries to stop the Order's plan to find the 12 relics. Doyle is good with disguises and often goes unnoticed by the Kaplans.

In the series

The Serpent's Curse:

Archie Doyle is first introduced when Ebner von Braun requests backup help in catching the Kaplans as they head to Russia to find the Serpens relic. A call is sent to Doyle, who is just waking up. He is very annoyed, however, when von Braun's message says just to follow the Kaplans, and not terminate them. He prepares his assassin gear (disguises, tools, and a Bulgarian umbrella) and sets off. He acts kindly to his wife and baby boy, who do not know about his Order life.

As Wade and the Kaplans talk to Boris Rubashov (a Guardian) about his brother's death, Doyle sneaks into the cafe unnoticed and stabs the Russian with the poison umbrella tip. Boris suddenly falls over and dies, while Doyle watches the scene. Ironically, Becca thinks he is a doctor and asks for his help in saving Boris. Doyle says he is not a doctor.

Later on, Doyle tracks the Kaplans to Boris's apartment. The Kaplans are busy inside investigating and watching the Guardian tape Boris had. He knocks and when let in, Becca sees through his disguise and pulls his fake beard off. Doyle wields his Bulgarian umbrella, while the Kaplans fight back by throwing things. In the end, Darrell manages to grab his umbrella, throw it down the stairwell, and force him out of the room. After this he reports back to von Braun about the Kaplans' progress.

At the very end of the book, Galina Krause sends a message to Doyle saying to immediately terminate the Kaplans. Von Braun says this will make him happy.

Becca and the Prisoner's Cross:

Following the events of the last book, Doyle is sent to find the Kaplans again. The Kaplans learn about him from Terence Akroyd, so they try to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious. Doyle tracks them to a train station near Bletchley Park, but is recognized. To keep him off their tracks, Lily and Wade put their hats on a group of random teenagers that look like them. Doyle follows the teens onto a subway train, which takes off just as he realizes it is too late.

Doyle is able to find the family again due to a bug on Becca's bag. He disguises himself as an elderly man to enter the Bletchley Park library. Wade converses with him. Right as the old librarian/Guardian is going to help them decode a puzzle, Doyle removes his disguise and is instantly recognized by Lily. He knocks down the elderly woman and goes to kill her, but is hit on the head with a phone and typewriter, and trapped under a chair. He starts shooting randomly; this attracts security to enter. Doyle escapes the unarmed guards and goes after the Kaplans in the Bombe machine shed. The Kaplans plan an ambush, which lets the boys escape while the girls distract him. As Doyle breaks into the shed, a machine is dropped on him, but he still chases after them. Terence and Dr. Kaplan arrive in a car, letting the kids enter. Terence then rams Doyle with the car, sending him flying and letting the now-armed guards tackle him.

Near the book's end, Doyle has somehow escaped and meets the Kaplans in the St. Andrew Church, where the Crux relic is. Doyle goes after Wade, who has the relic, which results in a chase up the old stairs of the bell tower. Becca goes up too, and they fight Doyle. Wade and Becca are able to push Doyle out of a window, causing him to fall out of the tower to his death.


Archie Doyle is truly evil. He is well trained as an assassin, and even leads a London division of the Teutonic Order. He is good with disguises and manipulation, even with his own family. He can seem like a nice or innocent man, but is very sinister at the core. He is extremely loyal to the Order. He has a visible hate towards the Kaplans, especially the kids.

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