The Balloon Boy also known as either the Balloon Vendor or BB for short is the tertiary antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. While his other incarnations: Phantom Balloon Boy and Nightmare Balloon Boy serve as antagonists in later games.

Appearance Edit

Balloon Boy is a human-like animatronic with a round body, peach-colored skin, large, blue eyes, a brown, triangular nose, red-brown hair, and a toothy grin. Like the "Toy" animatronics, he has rosy red, blushed cheeks. BB is notably the smallest animatronic in the series.

He wears a red and blue vertically-striped shirt with two white buttons down the middle. The propeller beanie he wears also bears the same pattern. He wears blue pants and simple, brown shoes. In his right hand, he holds a red and yellow striped balloon, and in his left hand, he holds a sign that reads "Balloons!".

Behavior Edit

BB will not begin moving until Night 2. He starts in the Game Area and will eventually come to The Office via the The Left Air Vent. With each of his movements, the player can hear him saying "Hello," "Hi," or simply giggling. BB will not show up on any cameras except the Game Area and the Left Air Vent, keeping his path of approach hidden.

He will not enter the Office if the player puts on the Freddy Fazbear Mask on while he is in the Left Air Vent's blind spot. If the Monitor is pulled up while BB is in the Left Air Vent's blind spot, he enters The Office, laughing constantly. Once inside, he disables the Flashlight and the Left and the Right Air Vent's blind spot lights. This leaves the player susceptible to being attacked by Foxy, as well as being unable to check each vent's blind spot for other animatronics. Once inside The Office, BB will not leave until the night ends, should the player survive.

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