6.Making Number Six is Baron Dark, the big villain of ‘Skeleton Warriors’. First let me say that Skeleton Warriors was a great show, but like Pirates of the Dark Water attracted an older audience than the shows producers would have liked. The action figures probably failed also because parents were somewhat unwilling to buy their children the somewhat gruesome figures, which is a shame as they were some of the best designed and made figures I have ever seen. Baron Dark was once human until he tampered with a crystal and was turned into a skeleton, he was the leader of the Skeleton Warriors in the show, and had a whole host of skeleton lackeys at his command(Dagger, Shriek, Dr Cyborn, Aracula), he also had the ability to turn people into Skeleton if they were not pure of heart. His main quest was to take possession of the light half of the crystal, from the good guys, lead by Prince lightstar, and lets face it… Man At Arms and Teela clones off He Man. Baron Dark had the dark half of the crystal and wanted both halves so he could rule the planet and turn everyone into skeletons…or something. Baron Darks main asset was the fact that no one could actually kill him, he isn’t getting any deader folks. He could be blown to bits, but then he would reform in a terminator way and be perfectly ok. Baron Dark was a fine villain, he was classy, had a row of human skulls across his shoulders and was a skeleton! Skeletons in cartoons are evil! Evil!

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