Bernie Kropp is Dash's angry and mean teacher and a minor antagonist of The Incredibles.

Bernie Kropp

Likes:Yelling, being mean, angry,

Dislikes: Dash's Pranks, Dash

Enemies: Dash, Helen

Personality Evil, mean, angry

Affiliations: Bad/Neutral

Fate: Gets angry and plays with the chair when Dash is free from School


He was seen at the beggining of the film when Dash got a after school detention because of the prank he did for him and he played a tape that he recorded to see what Dash did and he got super angry.


  • He is similar to Mr. Crocker from The Fairly Oddparents: Both are evil teachers to the 10 year old boys and both like when they want to give them after school detentions while we know that Bernie Kropp is a minor antagonist of the movie The Incredibles and we also known that Mr. Crocker is a minor antagonist in his TV Show The Fairly Oddparents
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