Big Alice is a female Allosaurus who is a recurring villainess in the 1974 TV series Land of the Lost and the quaternary antagonist in the 2009 film of the same name. She appeared in numerous episodes of the series, playing a role similar to the other main predator, Grumpy, although the two have appeared together and even fought each other on occasions.

The Sleestaks know Alice by the name Seleema, which in their language means "Protector" due to her role in keeping predators away from their eggs. In the film, she is shown to be territorial against the T-REX, Grumpy. She begins chasing Marshall as he gets a nitrogen gas tank to the catapult and the nitrogen gas tank was shot right into Big Alice. She swallows it and she freezes as icicles grow on her and she lays on the ground, dead She then explodes as it shows she had the amplifier.

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