Big boss rio

Full Name



Big Boss, Boss


Make money off of destroying the Amazon.


Gets eaten alive by a Ball Python.

I always suspected that you were dumber than a monkey, and now I know.
~ Big Boss mocking a logger

Big Boss is the human main and overall secondary antagonist in Rio 2. He is the heartless ruler of the loggers who want to tear down the Amazon rain-forest. His main goal is to make money and get rich.

Rio 2

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  • Big Boss is the true main antagonist in Rio 2 because wheras Nigel only tried to get revenge on Blu, Big Boss intended to destroy the Amazon and kill two people who were trying to protect it. The same thing is true with Hans from Frozen.
  • There is one theory that he wasn't eaten alive by the ball python. There is another theory that he was the mysterious dealer of Marcel.
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