Billy Flynn is the hidden main antagonist of the movie Chicago. He is a lawyer for murderous women, who justifies and manipulates them just for money. However, when Velma paid him more than Roxie, he betrays her for money, not caring if she is justified or not.

Billy flyynn


He was a lawyer for murderous woman, who encouraged them to murder and do crimes, and even justified them for the reasons of money and fame. After becoming Roxie's lawyer for 5,000 dollars, he wrote in Roxy's diary, plotting to sabotage her for Velma's money. When his henchwoman Mama spied on Roxy on the radio, Velma, being manipulated by him, read the diary with Roxie's faked quotes, and because of that, newspapers were set for the people, so they would vote her in or out of jail. A few voted her to be out of jail, but then a woman murdered one of the voters. Then, Billy Flynn revealed his true nature to Roxie, as he had a new murderess to justify.

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