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Kill Godzilla


Gets blasted down the throat by Godzilla's ray and dissolves into spores and ascends into space

Biollante is the main antagonist of Godzilla vs. Biollante. She is a giant plant monster with the soul of a murdered girl inside her and Godzilla's DNA.


After Godzilla's rampage and defeat, Dr. Shiragami recieved pieces of Godzilla's skin from a repair crew. Shiragima wanted to use the DNA to create rich crops in Saradia. This recieved negative reactions from the other nations, and a terrorist organization bombed the factory, killing Shiragima's daughter, Erika. Filled with grief, Shiragima spliced Erika's DNA into a rose so she wouldn't leave him comepletely. Five years later, an earthquake destroyed the factory the rose was located in, driving Shiragima into panic. He desperately added Godzilla's DNA into the plant in the hopes it couldn't be destroyed. This appeared to work, but it soon became apparent that the plant had developed a mind.

Soon the plant grew larger and smashed out of the factory and made her way to Lake Ashino and rooted herself there. Godzilla, meanwhile, had been freed of Mount Mihara, and sensed Biollante's presence, and confronted her at Lake Ashino. Biollante covered and bound Godzilla in vines, but this proved useless and Godzilla set her on fire with his atomic breath. Biollante dissolved into spores.

Godzilla went on a rampage across Japan, but it was halted by a new creature. The spores landed onto the ground, and vines sprouted out. Soon a giant monster brust out, roaring a challenge to Godzilla. Sherizawa realized the monster was Biollante, who had evolved. The new Biollante charged at the shocked Godzilla, and impaled him through the hand with a vine. Several of her vines were destriyed by Godzilla's beam, and after a vicious fight, Biollante sprayed Godzilla with radioactive corrosive sap, severely weakening Godzilla, who stumbled into Biollante's waiting jaws. As a last effort, Godzilla fired his beam directly into Biollante's throat, severely weakening her. Both monsters retreated, with Godzilla crashing into the water, which washed away the bacteria, and Biollante ascending into spores again and flying away.

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