The DigiDestined kids first encountered the enigmatic Black Gears when they came across a village of Yokomon, which was being menaced by the flaming Meramon, who is usually a good Digimon. Biyomon then Digivolved to Birdramon and defeated Meramon, when suddenly, a Black Gear shot out of his body. The gear then exploded and dissolved. The kids proceeded to encounter more and more Digimon possessed by these mysterious Gears, including Andromon, Monzaemon, and Unimon. Then, upon coming across an isolated mansion, the kids encountered the master of the Black Gears - Devimon! Devimon split up the kids, sending them to the broken up chunks of File Island. Tai and Agumon freedFrigimon from another gear, then met up with Matt and Gabumon and freed Mojyamon from another gear. They uncovered a collection of Black Gears inside a mountain, and proceeded to destroy them. Meanwhile, Izzy and Mimi helped free Centarumon from another gear, then took care of the gears on that portion of the island. At the same time, Joe andSora, after defeating a group of Bakemon, dealt with another clutch of the gears on another portion of the island. T.K. was then set upon by the gear-infected Leomon in Primary Village, but was defended when Tai and Matt showed up. More Black Gears soared through the air and went into Leomon's body, boosting his power. Izzy and Mimi showed up in time to tell the other kids to use their Digivices on Leomon to free him from the gears' influence. Leomon went on to tell the kids about the legend of the DigiDestined, and they then attacked Devimon's temple. Devimon absorbed a large number of Black Gears into himself, and grew to a giant height, besting all the kids' Champion Digimon, including Joe and Sora's, who arrived late. Patamon then Digivolved to Angemon used all his energy to destroy Devimon. The last time the Black Gears appeared was while the kids were on their way to Server. While on their raft, they were attacked by Whamon, who swallowed them whole. They found and destroyed a Black Gear inside him, and he spat them out, then took them to an underwater cave where they might find their Tags. However, while there, they were attacked byDrimogemon, who had also been possessed by a Black Gear. Ikkakumon destroyed the gear, which we presume was the last one, as they were never seen again. The Black Gears premiered in "Biyomon Gets Firepower."

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