Black Wolf
Black Wolf (The Flight Before Christmas)

Full Name

Black Wolf




Kill Santa and his reindeer, then take his place and eat all the children of the world


Falls off Santa's sleigh to his death

There's a new Santa in town.
~ Black Wolf

Black Wolf is the main antagonist of The Flight Before Christmas. He is the leader of a pack of wolves that preys on reindeer. It is unlikely that Black Wolf is his real name, as it is also the name of his appearance. He is also the older brother of White Wolf.

He was voiced by Sam Gold.


For years, Black Wolf led the wolf pack, being forced to hunt and scavenge for reindeer to feed themselves. During a disastrous hunt attempt led to the reindeer herd fleeing to the valley, the wolves were forced to have to follow them. During their journey, the wolves came across a lost poodle named Essie, who inadvertently gave Black Wolf the idea to follow Santa's flying reindeer to Santa's Fell, where they would eat both Santa and the reindeer. Then, gaining the reindeer's flying ability, the wolves would fly through the world and eat all the children they could find.

Black Wolf's plan is overheard by Niko, a young reindeer, and Black Wolf orders his pack to kill him. However, in the resulting chase, the pack is buried in an avalanche, though they survive. The pack continue to pursue Niko and his friends, causing the reindeer to fall into a river. Presuming him dead, the pack continued onwards to Santa's Fell.

Niko, however, survived and reached Santa's Fell first, warning the reindeer of the wolve's arrival. The reindeer initially didn't believe him, but the wolves soon arrived, with Black Wolf declaring himself the new Santa. The reindeer, terrified, lost their ability to fly, and the wolves prepared to kill them all. Black Wolf, seeing that Niko is still alive, furiously pursues him, but the reindeer managed to save him. The reindeer flew Niko into the air in Santa's sleigh, but Black Wolf hung onto the sleigh as well. Niko's friend, Julius, unlatched a part of the sleigh, causing Black Wolf to fall off, but not before grabbing Julius as well. Knowing that he was doomed, Black Wolf attempted to kill Julius, but Niko, having gained his ability to fly, swooped him and saved him, leaving Black Wolf to fall to his death.

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