Blue Diamond is a major antagonist of the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe. She is one of the Gem Matriarchs on Gem Homeworld. She serves as the main antagonist of the episode The Answer.

Steven Universe

She is first seen in the flashback episode The Answer as the main antagonist. 5,750 years in the past, during the Homeworld war with the Crystal Gems, Sapphire and three identical Rubies (one of which being the Ruby that makes up Garnet) are sent to Earth in order to present Blue Diamond with a sample of the future. Sapphire tells Blue Diamond that the crystal gems will attack her base, which they do. After Ruby and Sapphire fuse during the Crystal Gem's attack, Blue Diamond becomes furious at Sapphire for the inaccurate prediction and the act of fusion with a non-Sapphire. When Ruby takes the fall, Blue Diamond declares that she will be broken for her failure as a proper bodyguard. Before Ruby could be sentenced to death, Sapphire grabs her and leaps away.

In It Could Have Been Great, on the Moon Diamond Base, a mural of all of the Diamonds (including Blue Diamond) is present in its entrance lobby.

In Monster Reunion, it is revealed that after they lost the war, the diamonds (including Blue Diamond) used a light producing weapon that corrupts gems and turns them into monsters on their own soldiers in order to get rid of them.


Due to the abstract, nature of how she is presented through Garnet's story, it is unknown how accuratly she is portrayed. Through the flashback, she is presented wearing a full light-blue cowl over her head and upper-body and wearing a matching dress. Her gem (a sky-blue rhombus) is shown on the center of her chest.


Blue Diamond's personality has not been properly established or presented in-depth, but it is clear that she is held in high regard. She holds the same ideals and philosophies as most Homeworld Gems, such as her disgust with Garnet and ownership of her own Pearl.

She seems to value those within her court very well, such as when Ruby took the blame for her fusion with Sapphire (which really was just an accident) and condemned her to be shattered on the spot.

Powers and Abilities

While her abilities are never seen, it can be assumed that she shares the same abilities that all gems possess, such as shape-shifting, weapon-summoning, etc. It is currently unknown if she possesses any unique abilities.


◾It is implied that Diamonds amongst Homeworld are considered the highest ranking and given the most privilege, as Yellow Diamond, the only other diamond mentioned, holds great authority over Peridot and Jasper.

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