Bridgelth Hareilniam is a fictional character genie and a female major antagonist in Dark and Light Elemental Ages comic book series. She grants wishes to her victims and cast spells on them, but she lives in a gold magic lamp. She was trapped into her lamp and sends away near so far by the sorcerer Huckleberry after he saved Keishin, Hana and the others.

Bridgelth grants wishes bellydancing (3)


Bridgelt has short brown hairs, green eyes, purple eyeshadows, red lips and fair skin, she has big breasts and big butts, and wears an orange harem bra, orange transparents harem pants, gold necklace, earrings, bracelets and tiara with an orange mood stone on it, a long orange-red veil, a safetly orange face veil and red shoes (instand her legs she has a bright orange genie-wisp tail). As a human, she has shorst breasts and wears a tangelo orange top, an orange and dark orange skirt, a mahongany short sleeved vest like-bolero, pearl bracelets, orange earrings and orange shoes.

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