Bruno Mannheim is the leader of "Intergang." A vast criminal organization whose members infiltrate every level of Metropolis. Anyone from a key member of the mayor's staff to a copy boy in the Daily Planet bullpen might be a spy for Intergang. Intergang agents are secretive, fanatically loyal and known only to themselves. Intergang pulls sophisticated robberies using highly advanced weaponry. Their diabolical plots make life a recurring nightmare for Superman and all of Metropolis.

Originally made up of scattered elements from various Metropolis street gangs, Intergang was forged into a corporation by Galaxy Communications CEO Morgan Edge. Working with one-time racketeer Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim, they pulled the gangs together and outfitted the best soldiers with high-tech weaponry the likes of which had not been seen on this planet. That's because the actual head of Intergang isn't from Earth at all. He's the ruler of the distant planet Apokolips, a hellish world devoted to its master's vision of war, slavery and conquest. This fiend's name is Darkseid. 

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