Bufo (possibly Bartholomew) is a reccuring antagonist in Adventure Time. He, just like many others, is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Adventure Time Edit

He is first seen in Wizard, where he merely stands and walks around for his masters, the Bufo (they apparently have the same names), who reside in his vocal sacs.

He is seen again in Wizard Battle as one of the contestants.

The toad host reappears in "Reign of Gunters" having apparently betrayed and kicked out his masters and is now working alongside Forest and Laser Wizard in a secret wizard's club Ice King accidentally discovers. He and his fellow wizards attempt to kill Ice King in an offscreen battle that Ice King escapes from. The toad mentions undergoing various dangerous initiations and rituals to achieve a higher level of power, which includes taking advice to "beef in the eye of Glob and stuff" to the amazement of fellow members Laser Wizard and Forest Wizard.

The toad reappears again with the secret society in "Wizards Only, Fools," where they attempt to sacrifice Abracadaniel before being interrupted, and teleport to a mysterious dimension to avoid trouble with the Wizard Police. The toad is directly referred to as "Bufo" this time, implying that is its name as well. It appears again with the society in "Betty" when they summon Bella Noche.

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