Burne Thompson worked as an editor at Channel 6 News and was April's boss in the 1987 TV series and Archie Comics. Burne Thompson and the cameraman Vernon Fenwick often blamed the Turtles for crimes in New York City. Burne Thompson had a girlfriend named Tiffany, who was a turtle hater. Although Burne Thompson disliked the Turtles, he did allow April to broadcast a story reporting on the heroism of the Turtles as it was proven true, showing he does have a sense of truth in reporting. Even the Turtles seemed to fear him; one time when they broke a satellite dish, Michaelangelo remarked "Burne Thompson is going to be mondo ticked off at us!". When the Channel 6 building is been destroyed, he blames the destruction of the Channel 6 building on the turtles, causing them to become wanted outlaws. It is unknown if he is been fired or suspended for blaming the destruction of the Channel 6 building on the turtles.

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