Candlemon is a Flame Digimon whose name and design are derived from the candle. There is a flame on its head that resembles DemiMeramon, and if that flame goes out, it dies. Because of this, some say that the main body is the flame and that the wax is just a decoy. In Ultima, Candlemon are low ranking Digimon Minions who serve as sentinel guards at the Org's castle bases. All Candlemon are equipped with a special Evolution Mutagen injector. These normally trigger when a Candlemon is under extreme stress. The result of the mutagen injections can digivolve Candlemon into a variety of Champion-level D-Minions such as Meramon, Wizardmon, FlaWizardmon, FlareRizamon, and BlueMeramon. Attacks Lava Loogie (Bonfire): Fires a small flame from his DigiCore fire energy that explode if hits.Paraffin Paralyzer (Melt Wax): Fires multiple globs of hot wax to paralyze opponent.

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