Full Name

Candice Jakes


Candy Jakes, Candy


To get David Hornsby to join the L.O.V.E. people.


Gets rejected and defeated and never returns.

But you can't become a L.O.V.E. person if you won't kneel.
~ Candy Jakes trying to get David Hornsby to join the L.O.V.E. people.

Candice "Candy" Jakes is the main antagonist in the 1st part of the Adventures in Odyssey episode, Hidden in my Heart, which is Rescue 119. She is a member of the cult: The L.O.V.E. People, and goes around with Katherine to try to convert people.


On June 4, 1994, she and Katherine were making their rounds when they visited the house of David Brit Hornsby, who was already eating his supper. They sweet-talked him into joining the L.O.V.E. people, and left him for 3 minutes to collect the items to join him in from other L.O.V.E. people. It was in the middle of his vows when David realized that what he was saying, and that he was promising idolatry, and he excused himself to the kitchen. He returned with a verse to help combat Candy's claim that bowing to the statue wasn't idolatry. After he proved that the L.O.V.E. people weren't compatible with God's Word, Candy and Katherine left, and never returned.


  • It is unknown if Candy has any true family or not, but she does consider all of the other L.O.V.E. people as her extended family, because of the love that they share with each other.
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