Captain James Hook (voiced by Tim Curry) - The main antagonist of the series and Peter Pan's nemesis. As his name implies, James Hook is the head of his pirate crew. Although he's well known for his ruthless and nefarious nature, the Hook in this version is more complex and in many ways closer to the portrayal in Barrie's book. References to Peter Pan feeding Captain Hook's hand to the crocodile is still intact. Rather than the traditional long black wig and long moustache, this Hook is clean-shaven and wears a white powdered wig. Two members of his Family are mentioned: his brother Patch, who owns his Piraten Ship, named "Rake" and his mother, who is referred as having some wishes about his son James and being already dead, where the only thing left as a memory is a portrait, that Hook has in his cabin, but never is shown completely ("Hook's mother's picture", "Eternal Youth" or "The Letter").

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