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Full Name

Cletus Kasady




Kill Spider-Man and cause chaos and anarchy


Defeated by Spider-Man

I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!
~ Carnage

Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage, is an enemy of Spider-Man and an antagonist in the Spider-Man comics.


As a child, Kasady murdered his grandmother, and was forced to live in an orphanage after his father was indicted for killing his mother. Abused by the staff and the other orphans, Kasady ultimately murdered the disciplinarian and burned down the orphanage.

Growing up to become a serial killer, Kasady was imprisoned and set to serve multiple life sentences. While in prison, Kasady became cell-mates with Eddie Brock, the current Venom. When the alien Symbiote arrived to release Brock, it spawned another symbiote which attached itself to Kasady. Empowered by the symbiote and made even more powerful than Venom, Kasady became the supervillain Carnage. Escaping from his imprisonment, Carnage used his newfound powers to go on a murderous rampage. When Spider-Man proved unable to defeat the more powerful Carnage, he enlisted the help of the Fantastic Four and Venom in order to contain the threat. Carnage was ultimately defeated and imprisoned in Ravencroft Asylum. 

Carnage became a recurring enemy to Spider-Man, despite his imprisonment. At one point, Carnage gave birth to another symbiote, Toxin, which attached itself to a police officer, Patrick Mulligan. Carnage allied himself with Venom to destroy the new symbiote, but the two were defeated by Spider-Man, Toxin and Black Cat. Carnage was later seemingly killed when Sentry tore him apart and flung him into Earth's orbit. 

Carnage survived the attack and was put in a dormant state, floating through Earth's orbit, where he was discovered by Michael Hall, who separated Kasady from the symbiote. Michael used the symbiote to create prosthetic limbs and exo-suits while Kasady was imprisoned in the Hall Corporation facility. However, the symbiote rebonded with Kasady, who escaped after a fight with Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Carnage took over Doverton, Colorado, controlling the population with copies of his symbiote. He also managed to take control of the Avengers using the symbiote, but Spider-Man was saved by the resistance of non-infected citizens. Spider-Man, the Mercury Team, along with Dr. Tanis Nieves, who had bonded with the symbiote and become Scorn, banded together to stop Carnage. Venom intervened and helped defeat Carnage, who was separated from the symbiote. Kasady was imprisoned while the symbiote was captured by Scorn.

Minimum Carnage

While imprisoned in the Thunderbolts Mountain, Kasady was contacted by beings from the Microverse, who offered him a universe for him to continue killing freely in exchange for his service. Using traces of the symbiote in his DNA, Kasady became Carnage once more, escaped his imprisonment, and transported himself to the Microverse.

The beings in the Microverse wanted to bring Carnage to their master, Marquis Radu, and create a symbiote army. However, Carnage betrayed and murdered most of them, while Venom and Scarlet Spider followed him to the Microverse. Carnage and Venom were then captured by Radu's army, and were ussed to create an army of symbiote powerful enough to wipe out the Microverse. Carnage managed to take control of the army and escape to the regular universe, but was defeated and put in a catatonic state by Scarlet Spider.

Superior Carnage

Released from incarceration by the Wizard, Bentley Wittman, Carmage attempted to murder the Wizard, but was stopped by Klaw. After realizing that Carnage was unaffected by his powers and could not be separated from the symbiote via traditional means, the Wizard began transferring Carnage to a new host by transfusing Kasady's blood into Karl Malus. The Wizard then blew up his secret base with Kasady still inside, seemingly killing him.

However, Kasady survived the explosion and was recovered by Superior Spider-Man. When the symbiote bonded with the Wizard, Otto attempted to draw the symbiote out of the Wizard by bringing Kasady to the scene, planning to use the symbiote's preference to Kasady to make it abandon its current host and then contain it before it returned to Kasady. However, his mission failed, and the symbiote bonded with Kasady once more. Carnage went on a rampage, but was subdued by Klaw, who separated Kasady from the symbiote.

Taken into custody, Kasady was fatally wounded by a fellow inmate who had been paid by Dr. Jenner, Kasady psychologist who sought to become the symbiote's new host. Dr. Jenner suffocated Kasady to death with a pillow at the infirmary. When the symbiote escaped containment and returned to Kasady, it refused to take Jenner as its host and bonded with Kasady's dead body, reanimating his body and allowing Carnage to emerge once more. Massacring the staff and prisoners, Carnage escaped incarceration, seeking to continue his reign of terror. However, he was stopped by Deadpool, who played mind games with Carnage, making him believe that his actions were being controlled by an outside force. Confused, Carnage placed himself in an unlocked jail cell to clear his mind.

Ultimate Marvel


Carnage as it appears in the Ultimate Marvel universe

Carnage in this continuity is a self-regenerating organism created by Doctor Curt Conners in an attempt to replicate the missing Venom "suit". Using a sample of his own DNA transfused with Peter Parker, Conners succeeded in creating a sentient life form that appears to be capable of sustaining itself by consuming others.

Using fragments of Peter Parker's memories, Carnage arrived at Peter's residence, where it fed on, and subsequently murdered, Gwen Stacy. It then battled Peter Parker, whereupon it was seemingly destroyed when it was thrown into an industrial chimney. Dr. Conners was subsequently arrested. However, Ben Reilly later revealed additional samples existed and stole one of them. Ben, along with Doctor Octopus, later used the stolen sample, coupled with Gwen's DNA, to create a new Carnage symbiote. The new symbiote retained Gwen's memories and took on her form, attempting to reunite with Peter. The Gwen copy was later absorbed into Venom following her escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

Powers and abilities

The alien symbiote of which Cletus Kasady is host of has provided him with numerous superhuman abilities similar to those of Spider-Man and Venom. As a result of the symbiote, Kasady's strength, speed, and reflexes are increased exponentially, to the point that his physical prowess is superior to Spider-Man and Venom combined.

Carnage is extremely resistant to injury, being able to withstand high caliber bullets, energy blasts, and survive falling from great heights. In addition, Carnage is able to rapidly regenerate damaged body parts or tissue much faster than a normal human, allowing him to heal from injuries that would normally be fatal.

Like Venom, Carnage possesses limited shape-shifting abilities, being in full control over the size, shape, color, texture, and hardness of his symbiote. He can morph his symbiote to look like normal clothing, or use it as camouflage. He can also morph sections of his body, such as his hands and feet, into weaponry, including blades and blunt instruments, for use in combat.


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