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Full Name

Selina Kyle




Become rich


Usually escapes justice but is sometimes captured

My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That's why you'll never really understand me.
~ Catwoman

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is a major anti-villainess of the DC comics Batman franchise. Catwoman is a thief and burglar who dresses in a cat costume and uses a whip as a weapon. She occasionally sides with Batman to fight more dangerous threats. She also has a moral code and wont kill innocents.


Selina Kyle has gone through numerous origins to explain why she turned to a life of crime. Beginning her career as a thief and an adversary of Batman, Catwoman has undergone a more heroic role over the years, becoming a crime-fighter and ally to Batman.

The Tin Roof Club

Selina Kyle purchases a nightclub which she names the Tin Roof Club. Stealing a priceless brooch, Selina gives it to a younger woman named Holly, who she had cared for in their younger years. This results in Catwoman being harassed by other criminals. Upon arriving to reclaim the brooch from Holly, her house explodes, and Holly is killed in the blast. Selina realizes that Holly's husband Arthur was responsible for the explosion and confronts him, and he confesses that he killed her to claim the brooch for himself. Selina frames Arthur for his crimes, and he is sent to prison. 

Holly's death would later be retconned, undoing this history.


After Bane breaks Batman's back, he begins taking over Gotham's criminal underworld, enlisting Catwoman to work for him. Catwoman agrees to work alongside him, but is insistent that she will not take orders from him. Bane attempts to learn Catwoman's secret identity, but is unsuccessful until her fence Leopold sells her out. After her apartment is blown up by an assassin, Catwoman tracks him down to Santa Prisca and defeats him, inadvertently saving Santa Prisca's dictator, who offers her protection out of gratitude. Returning to Gotham, Catwoman has Leopold killed for betraying her. 

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