Catwoman (real name: Selina Kyle) is the the love interest of Bruce in The Dark Knight Rises. She is a criminal and an associate of the villain Bane through their mutual employer John Daggett. She is portrayed by Anne Hathaway. HistoryThis version is unlike the Batman Returns version. In this version she is not portrayed as a traditional villain but rather an antihero. Near the beginning of the film, she is an enemy of Bruce Wayne, and by extension, Batman, after trapping him in Bane's lair. In the film's climax she becomes a more heroic figure, helping Batman defeat Bane and ending the League of Shadows' reign of terror.TriviaShe is never referred to as Catwoman in the actual film but rather by her real name or "The Cat".Although Kyle serves as the film's secondary antagonist during the first half of film, she later forms an alliance with Batman against the film's major antagonists, Bane and his partner Talia al Ghul.She is thrid love interset of Bruce after Rachel and Talia.

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