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Full Name

Cecil Clayton


Clayton, Mr. Clayton


Capture the gorillas and get rich (failed)


Hanged by vines and dies.

I've got some hunting to do.
~ John Clayton

Cecil Clayton is the main antagonist of Disney's 1999 animated film, Tarzan. He seems to be a guide to Archimedes Q. Porter and his daughter Jane, but in reality, he is a poacher trying to trick Tarzan into revealing the location of the gorillas so he can capture them and get the reward money. He is voiced by Brian Blessed. He is his men's leader and boss and Tarzan's arch nemesis.


Clayton is a veteran hunter who acts as a guide to the Porters during their expedition to Africa in search of gorillas. However, Clayton secretly intends to capture the gorillas and sell them on the black market in exchange for money. 

When the explorers meet Tarzan in the jungle, Clayton takes part in attempting to civilize him, as well as convince him to lead them to the gorillas. Days later, a cargo ship arrives to escort them back to England, causing a dismayed Clayton to blame Jane for stalling the explorers on finding the gorillas. When Clayton notices Tarzan's dismay at Jane leaving, he convinces him that they will stay if he takes them to the gorillas. Tarzan agrees, and leads the explorers to the gorillas location. While at the gorillas location, Clayton is attacked by the silverback gorilla Kerchak, forcing Tarzan to fight him, and give the explorers the opportunity to flee.

After the skirmish, Tarzan agrees to accompany the crew back to England. However, Clayton has his stowaway group of thugs take over the cargo ship and imprison the crew, including Tarzan. Clayton reveals his true intentions before heading off to the jungle with his men to capture the gorillas.

Arriving at the gorillas' location, Clayton and his men ambush the gorillas and capture them. However, his plan is thwarted when Tarzan, who had escaped the ship, arrives and frees the gorillas, with help from the other jungle animals. Clayton, enraged at his plan's failure, starts shooting at Tarzan, and fatally injures Kerchak when he intervenes. Clayton pursues a fleeing Tarzan into the trees, where the two battle, culminating in Tarzan destroying Clayton's gun. Clayton continues his assault with a machete, but Tarzan entangles him in vines. In desperation, Clayton starts randomly hacking at the vines with his machete, not noticing one vine wrapping around his neck. In his rage, Clayton severs the vine he's holding on to, sending him and Tarzan plummeting out of the trees. Tarzan lands without injuring, but Clayton is violently hanged by the vine around his neck.


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