Group: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Solar Ray, Jet Gallop The first Centarumon the kids met was encountered by Izzy and Mimi, while under the influence of a Black Gear. The kids had all been separated by Devimon, and sent to separate chunks of the shattered File IslandChuumon and Sukamon led Mimi andPalmon to Izzy and Tentomon, who had discovered a huge temple enscripted with hieroglyphics much like those in Andromon's factory, which had so interested Izzy previously. Izzy was so engrossed in using his computer to translate the inscriptions that he began unconsciously ignoring Mimi, to the extent that she ran off crying. Tentomon followed her, and they both ran into Centarumon, the temple's guardian, who had become infected with a Black Gear. Izzy was able to guide them through the maze-like temple, and Tentomon and Palmon Digivolved to Kabuterimon and Togemon to take out the gear. Centarumon explained that the temple had been built to honour the DigiDestined, and bore the symbol of the Digivice - the small digital apparatus that the kids had found before being teleported to the DigiWorld. Centarumon knew this meant that the kids were very important to the sanctity of the DigiWorld, but before he could explain any more, Leomon, infected with another Black Gear, attacked! Centarumon was no match for him, but beams of light that radiated from Mimi and Izzy's Digivices caused him pain, forcing him to retreat. Mimi then gave a large Black Gear sticking out of the ground a kick, causing it to rotate in the opposite direction, sending the chunk of File Island back towards Infinity Mountain. Much later, Centarumon located the ancient "Wall of Fire" that the prophecy in his temple spoke of. He immediately called in Gennai, who tried to warn the kids that the prophecy was nearing fulfilment - but before he could, they were attacked by Apocalymon, the creature who had come from beyond the Wall of Fire. After Apocalymon's defeat, Centarumon appeared to congratulate the kids. This Centarumon first appears in "A Clue From The Digi-Past." His voice is supplied by Bob Pappenbrook. Four years later, when Digimon were rampaging on Earth after Arukenimon opened all the Digi-PortsDavis, Mimi and Michael were aided in battle against a Cherrymon by an American DigiDestined named Maria, and her partner Digimon, a Centarumon. This Centarumon appeared again when MaloMyotismon was infecting Earth with darkness. This Centarumon appeared in "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1" and "A Million Points of Light." Name: Derived from the word "Centaur," a half-man, half-horse creature from Greek mythology.

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