Full Name



The Devil


Spread darkness and evil throughout the world


Hides himself from the sunrise and the sacred bells, becoming the Mountain Peak once more

Chernabog is a villain in the Disney film Fantasia, appearing in the Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria segment of the film.

Chernabog is a giant, powerful demon who is base on the god of the night in Slavic mythology. Rising from Bald Mountain, Chernabog summoned his minions, only to destroy them again by castinbg them into a burning inferno. Chernabog is meant to represent evil and darkness, and has been praised as one of the most powerful Disney villains of all time.


On the peak of Bald Mountain, Chernabog spreads his wings out and looks down at the village below him. He casts a dark shadow over the village, and summons the deceased to come to him. The ghosts of hanged criminals float through the nooses, deceased warriors lying in the moat and ground of a destroyed castle rise, and the souls of those not buried in sacred ground are also summoned by the demon. Chernabog's minions surround Chernabog, who summons an inferno and demons to him, and he grabs several ghosts and hurls them into the fire, destroying them. The demons dance as he transforms the fire in the image of dancers, who become barnyard animals. Chernabog's power causes the animals to become blue demons, who dance in front of their master, much to his pleasure. As he leans over the demons and ghosts, he hears bells, but ignores them. Then, sunlight flashes over him, and the demon shields himself from them with his wings. As the ghosts retreat, Chernabog covers himself with his wings, and becomes the peak of Bald Mountain once more.

Powers and abilities

Chernabog possesses powerful demonic abilities, mainly over the dead. He can raise the dead and corrupt whatever he touches, and can easily destroy his minions on a whim. He can also command fire to torment his underlings. Despite his immense power, he ultimately is unable to compete with all that is holy and righteous.


  • Chernabog's name means 'Black God' in Slavic.
  • According to Walt Disney, Chernabog is Satan. However, he was renamed Chernabog.


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