Chaozu (or Chiaotzu) is a small human with pale white skin, red cheeks and one red hair under his hat. Origin Chiaotzu is a small human with pale white skin, red cheeks and one hair under his hat. Chiaotzu studies under the Crane Hermit with his best friend Tien Shinhan. After realizing the cruelty and how wrong the Crane Hermit's ways and teaching were Chiaotzu and Tien leave the Crane Hermit and join Goku and his comrades. Being Tien's best friend Chiaotzu continuously supports Tien even going as far as to self-destructing on Nappa in an attempt to save Tien's life. After the fight with the Saiyans, Chiaotzu is no longer involved in battles with Goku and his companions and later on he and Tien travel the world to learn different styles of martial arts. Powers and Abilities Though Chiaotzu is not physically strong he is a master in telepathy, psychokinesis and telekinesis which he displays often in battle. Chiaotzu like all Z Fighters is able to fly and can manipulate energy for various purposes such as energy blasts, energy balls or spheres, energy shields and more. Chiaotzu's signiture ki attack is the Crane School's Dodonpa. Chiaotzu also possesses some degree of superhuman speed, stamina however he has never displayed any form of agility as normally levitates. Chiaotzu is not physically strong however he is skilled in the Crane Hermit's martial art and some other martial arts that he learned while travelling the world learning different martial arts. Chiaotzu along with the other Z Fighters trained under Kami and had become more powerful than before so that he could battle the Saiyans.He has been shown to have a "paralyzing" ability in battle, using his telekinesis and psychokinesis.

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