The Chief of Staff is the secondary antagonist of Yogi Bear live-action/CGI film. He is Mayor R. Brown's assistant. He and Mayor Brown to cut the trees at Jellystone with logging rights then Mayor Brown and the Chief arrived Jellystone Park to Ranger Station to closed the park down it's turn 100th years old. the next day everyones comes to the 100th anniversary of Jellystone Park with fireworks Mayor Brown and the Chief tell Ranger Jones got a deal to be the head ranger of Jellystone like Smith and then he got cotton candy. after Yogi destroyed their place Mayor Brown and the Chief give this for Ranger Smith it's called Evergreen Park. after Yogi, Boo Boo and Smith are on their way to save the park Chief tells Mayor Brown about this turtle living here in the park what Ranger Smith's new girlfriend Rachel Johnson said this, Ranger Jones has to get the turtle.

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