The Christmas Gloom is the hidden true main antagonist of the 2012 movie A Fairly Odd Christmas. It is an evil entity whose only purpose is to spread depression and sadness around the world. It is represented in a green mist.


After Timmy Turner accidentally hurts Santa Claus and gives him amnesia, he must take his place, but before he can do so he need to go see and elf named Elmer the Elder Elf to put him off the naughty list. However as they progress, so does the gloom, the north pole starts to lose power as the gloom gets more of it, this already starts to put an effect on the citizens of the world, even on the fairies magic. Soon it blocks the path out of the north pole. However Timmy and his friends soon come with their mission a success. This causes the north pole to gain enough power to light the path out. But instead of using a sleigh, (which wasn't fast enough) they use their flyng van (a wish granted by Cosmo and Wanda earlier) and manage to go through the gloom, causing it to fade away, which returns all the power to the north pole


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