Cody and Brah are the main antagonists of the 2016 movie Dirty Grandpa. They are potrayed by Jake Picking (Cody) and Michael Hudson (Brah).


Upon their arrival in Daytona, Jason and Dick meet up with Shadia and Lenore on the beach, where they also meet the girls' boyfriends Cody (Jake Picking) and Brah (Michael Hudson), both of whom Dick takes an immediate disliking to. After which they face off in a drinking game where Jason and Dick win. Later, they come back to Daytona, and  reunite with Shadia and Lenore at a beach party hosted by Pam. They soon enter a "flex-off" against Cody and Brah, winning over the crowd with a wild stunt that they used to do when Jason was a kid. However, Jason forces them to flee, as the crowd is recording the event on their phones, and Jason doesn't want to be caught on film. With Cody and Brah winning the flex-off by default, Dick alters an T-shirt cannon to fire beer cans at the winning duo, hospitalizing them. Dick reveals to Jason that he was part of a Special Forces group in the Army, rather than just a mechanic. With Cody and Brah in the hospital, Jason and Dick take their hotel room. The next night, the duo go to a popular nightclub with Shadia, Lenore, and Bradley. However, as Jason and Shadia serenade at a karaoke competition,  Cody, released from the hospital, sneaks into Dick's jacket and finds a valid driver's license. After they return to the hotel, Jason and Dick share a heartfelt conversation, where Jason reveals he will call off his wedding, and plans to reveal the truth to Shadia, much to Dick's horror as he hasn't slept with Lenore yet. However, Cody and Brah, using Dick's driver's license to look them up, have already revealed the ruse to the girls (though Lenore seems unfazed by the news) and also reveal to Shadia that Jason is engaged, thanks to a wedding announcement seen online. A heartbroken Shadia tells Jason to never talk to her again, and Jason is soon arrested again, for carrying drugs. However, despite the desperate actions of the dou, Jason (who broke up with Meredith) and Shadia got together at the end, whilst Cody and Brah are left alone in failure. It is unknown what happens to them after this.

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