Colin Evans
Hr No Good Deed 14

Full Name

Colin Evans


Mr. Evans


Kill the Grangers in revenge for Jeffrey having an affair with Alexis


Shot out a window by Terri

Colin Evans is the main antagonist of No Good Deed. He is an escaped convict and the ex-fiancee of Alexis. 

He was portrayed by Idris Elba.


Colin was a serial killer who had been imprisoned for over five years for manslaughter. At a court hearing, Colin pleas to the court to be granted parole, claiming he has changed. However, the court denies him parole, deeming him untrustworthy. As he is being driven back to prison, Colin crashes the van and murders the policeman and driver before fleeing.

Colin proceeds to stalk his ex-fiancee, Alexis, and notices her with another man. He confronts her in her home, accusing her of adultery. Eventually, a frustrated Alexis confesses that she has been with another man, and an enraged Colin beats her to death. Finding the address of Alexis' fiancee, Jeffrey Granger, Colin then drives to his house to murder him in revenge for sleeping with Alexis.

Crashing his van in the forest, Colin goes to Jeffrey's house, only to instead find his wife, Terri. She invites him inside and tends to his wound on his forehead, during which he charms her and her daughter, Ryan. Terri's friend, Meg, arrives and is attracted to Colin. As Terri leaves to comfort her baby, Colin excuses himself for a smoke break. When Meg asks him if he and Terri are having an affair, Colin kills her with a shovel.

Terri, realizing how dangerous Colin is, attempts to escape with her children, but are caught. He abducts the three and takes them with him as he drives to Alexis' house. On the way, they are pulled over by a police officer, but Colin guns him down. They eventually arrive at Alexis' house, where Colin separates Terri from her children and binds her. While he temporarily leaves the house to check on the car, Terri frees herself and answers Alexis' phone call, which is from Jeffrey. Terri, realizing that Colin wants revenge for Jeffrey and Alexis' affair, demands that her husband call the police.

Terri finds her children and hides them before she confronts Colin. The two fight throughout the house, and Colin eventually gains the upper hand and temporarily stuns Terri. As he approaches her, however, Terri recovers and shoots Colin with his gun. As he continues to advance upon her, Terri shoots him repeatedly, knocking him out of the window and causing him to fall to his death. 

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