Vic Hoskins3

Full Name

Victor Hoskins


Commander Vic Hoskins, Mr. Hoskins


To sell the Indominus rex to the military and take over Masrani Global Corporation, also to kill Simon Masrani and use his dinosaurs to kill others and make money off of it. (all failed)


Gets killed and consumed by Delta.

Commander Victor "Vic" Hoskins is the secondary antagonist of Jurassic World. He was the commander of InGen Security, and Owen Grady's (former) boss. As well, he is one of the two creators of the Indominus rex, alongside Dr. Henry Wu.

He was portrayed by Vincent D' Onofrio.


  • He is inspired by Cad Spinner, as both are very greedy and selfish, and General Hux, as they both kill for money.
    • He is also very similar to Billy Yoder from Jurassic Park: The Game, as their true natures are not revealed until the climax.


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