"Cy-Bugs are like a virus. They don't know they're in a game. All they know is eat, kill, multiply. Without a beacon to stop them, they'll consume Sugar Rush. But do you think they'll stop there?"

-Sgt. Calhoun explaining Fix-It Felix Jr. about Cy-Bugs.


Full Name





To multiply and destroy the entire arcade.


Fly into the diet cola volcano.

The Cy-Bugs are the group of secondary antagonists of the 2012 Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. They are giant robot-like bugs from the game Hero's Duty. Due to a failed programming, the Cy-Bugs can't tell when the game isn't being played, and their only goal is to eat, kill, and multiply. A Cy-Bug also ate Sergeant Calhoun's fiancee when they were about to get married. They have a leader named the Cy-Bug Queen.


A Cy-Bug's primary/main power is their ability to assimilate into what they eat. When a Cy-Bug feeds on something, the Cy-Bug transforms with an appearance that shows signs of what they consumed. An example was when one Cy-Bug that had found it's way into Sugar Rush ate a candy root its armor became sugar-coated. If a Cy-Bug eats a living character, then it will transform into a hybrid of said character and a Cy-Bug, and the Cy-Bug has the character's mind, goals, and memories.

The video-game expands the Cy-Bugs abilities and weaknesses. In the game, there are multiple different Cy-Bugs with different abilities. Most of the Cy-Bugs attack simply by lunging forward, but they can be destroyed by one hit from Ralph. If Felix hits a Cy-Bug with his hammer, they return to an egg. Occasionally, a larger flying Cy-Bug appears, which has a bright tail, similar to a firefly, that it can use to sting enemies. Some Cy-Bugs have guns for limbs after consuming guns. One of these Cy-Bugs was briefly seen in the film after it consumed Ralph's gun. A larger version of these bugs can fire a giant ray at enemies. The Queen Cy-Bug has this ability as well.


Wreck-It Ralph


The Cy-Bugs in Hero's Duty

When Wreck-It Ralph game-jumps and enters Hero's Duty after learning they have a metal, he gets a surprise when the "bugs" Markowski told him about are actually giant metallic Cy-Bugs. Ralph and a battle squad, led by Sergeant Calhoun, go out to battle the large swarm, but several are consumed in the process. Having not experienced such violence, Ralph is no match for the monsters and flees from them. During the attack, one Cy-Bug devours Ralph's gun and its legs assimilate into guns. The bug shoots at him, but he escapes it. Calhoun tells the first-person shooter to destroy the Cy-Bug eggs, but the gamer playing as the shooter gets confused by Ralph, who is still fleeing from the bugs. Soon after, another swarm emerges from the tower, and Ralph hides behind the first-person shooter, who is eaten by a bug, ending the game. As the Cy-Bug attacks Ralph, the beacon opens, and the bugs stop there attack and mindlessly fly into the beacon, destroying them. With the bugs gone, Calhoun berates Ralph for distracting the first-person shooter and punches him repeatedly, telling him that his job is to get the gamer to the top of the tower and get the medal and that's it. Unwilling to have to fight the bugs again, Ralph removes his armor and leaves the other soldiers.

When the soldiers leave, Ralph climbs up the tower in an attempt to find the medal. After punching his way into the tower, Ralph discovers dozens of Cy-Bug eggs. Passing by them, Ralph finally gets the Medal of Heroes, but as he praises himself for it, he steps on one of the eggs, hatching a Cy-Bug. The infant Cy-Bug immediately attacks him and climbs to his face, causing him to stumble into an escape jet, which takes off. Fix-It Felix, Jr., who had come looking for Ralph, meets Calhoun and the two see the jet fly out of Hero's Duty. Ralph wrestles with the infant bug, who grows at a rapid rate. The jet is damaged during the fight and is sent flying into a racing game, Sugar Rush, and crashes. As Ralph and the bug recover, the eject button is pressed and the two are sent flying out of the jet. While Ralph lands on tree, the bug falls into a taffy lake and sinks. Ralph assumes the bug died and turns his attentions to finding the medal, which had fallen from him.

The Cy-Bug is later revealed to have survived and burrowed underground, feeding on a candy root in the process and becoming candy-coated. Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-It Felix, Jr. went searching for the bug and Ralph. During the search, Calhoun abandoned Felix when he accidentally reminded her of her fiancee's death after he was devoured by a Cy-Bug. Felix is imprisoned by Sour Bill, King Candy's assistant, and Calhoun continues the search for the Cy-Bug. She finally finds its nest, where the bug has laid several eggs, which are not only about to hatch, but some have alreeady hatched and matured. Calhoun escapes from the bugs and finds Ralph. She blames him for the dooming Sugar Rush, when the bugs attack just them.

During the attack, some of the bugs become attracted to the golden cup at the top of th finish line. Ralph starts to destroy them to keep them from reaching the finish line, but is distracted when he sees King Candy attacking Vanellope von Schweetz during the race. She glitches him and he is revealed to be Turbo, an arcade character long thought dead. Vanellope escapes him and one of the Cy-Bugs devours him. However, Turbo survives this and becomes a Cy-Bug himself. Before Vanellope can reach the finish line, more Cy-Bugs emerge and finally succeed in destroying the finish line. As the residences of Sugar Rush flee into Game Central Station, Ralph tries to make Diet Cola mountain erupt so the bugs will be attracted to the light. He is attacked by Turbo, who had murged with the Cy-Bug, but Ralph manages to erupt the mountain. The Cy-Bugs stop their attack and mindlessly fly into the volcano, along with Cy-Bug Turbo, who tries to resist the programming, destroying them.


  • The Cy-Bug that ate Calhoun's fiance was noticeably larger than the other bugs seen in the film. This could mean that it was more mature than the other Cy-Bugs.
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