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Eat the hens at the farm and kill Otis


Defeated by Otis and swung out of the junkyard by Otis' golfing skills

You have a sort of disadvantage here, Ben; there's six of us, and only one old fat you.
~ Dag to Ben.

Dag is the main antagonist of the film Banyard: The Original Party Animals. He is the leader of a large pack of coyotes and Otis' arch-nemesis. He attacks the backyard constantly during coyote season. He is voiced by David Koechner.

Role in the Film

During coyote season, Dag and five other coyotes attempt to raid a chicken coop. As they are about to take away the chicken, Ben, a cow and the leader of the barnyard, shows up. Dag orders the coyotes to attack him. During the fight, Dag knocks Ben out of the chicken coop. As the coyotes distract him, Dag sneaks up and bites Ben in the leg and the coyotes pile on him. Dag is about to get the chickens, but Ben gets out of the pile and grabs Dag by the leg and threatens to punch him, which scares off Dag and the pack. Moments later, however, Ben dies of his injuries.

With Ben dead, Otis becomes leader of the barnyard. Dag soon comes to the barnyard and attacks a rabbit. Otis sees him and charges at him to avenge Ben's death. However, Dag turns and faces him, causing him to lose his courage. Dag taunts him, referring to his as "Ben's kid", and blaming him for Ben's death. He then makes a deal with Otis; when the coyotes show up, he will look the other way as they take some of the animals, and if he gets a burst of courage, they will kill every animal in sight. He also informs Otis that he is coming at night. The pack then leaves the barnyard.

However, Dag betrayed Otis and steals several hens and his chick friend Maddy unexpectedly. Otis realizes he must save the hens and stop Dag. He travels to Dag's den in a junkyard where He arrive just in time to stop Dag from devouring Maddy, and fights his entire pack. However, he is overpowered when Dag bites him in the leg. Dag then tells to a weakened Otis to watch as the coyotes eat the hens. However, the barnyard animals come and help him fight off the pack. Dag hides in a bus and comes out while Otis is distracted and tries to attack him. Fortunately, Peck warns him by crowing and Otis quickly subdues Dag and tells him never to return to the barnyard. Otis then uses an iron and hits him, sending him flying off into the air.


Dag is shown to be violent and aggressive, but also cowardly. He usually attacks his enemies from behind while his pack keeps them occupied. He loves hens, but as a food source. He is called a meaner at one point, but he simply retorts that "meaners" have to eat as well. He enjoys teasing the barnyard animals.


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