"Personally, I think it makes the forest look better. It can stand as the lone pillar of strength on this planet."— Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of MightDaiz is a member of the Turles Crusher Corps. He sports a punk-rock look, has dark green hair with a ponytail, wears earrings, and a jewelry necklace.Contents [show] BiographyDaizu vs. GokuGoku's sneak attack on DaizJeangabin666Added by Jeangabin666Daiz was the prince of the Pukinpa Dynasty on planet Kabocha. Sometime on the planet, he led his kingdom's army in an attack against Turles. Daiz fought so bravely against Turles that Turles let him become one of his henchmen.[1]On Earth with Turles to plant the Tree of Might, Daiz is at first easily able to handle Goku with the help of Cacao. Later on, he is slain by Goku when he uses the Kaio-ken and punches him in the face. Daiz later makes a cameo in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. Power levelThe movie pamphlet for The Tree of Might states that Daiz has a power level of 8,400.Techniques and special abilitiesFlight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.DaizBall1Daiz prepares a Meteor BallJeangabin666Added by Jeangabin666Ki Blasts – The most basic forms of energy waves. Used in Dragon Ball Heroes.Meteor Ball – A Full Power Energy Ball technique used against Goku. Named in Dragon Ball Heroes.Combined Energy Wave – Daiz and Cacao start by charging an energy sphere in their hands and then fire it in the form of a Full Power Energy Wave that eventually results in a massive red explosion on the opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage. Daiz and Cacao used this to stop Goku when he tried to rescue Gohan.Video game appearanceDaiz makes his first appearance in a video game as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes.Voice actorsJapanese version: Yūji MachiOcean Dub: Scott McNeilFUNimation Dub: Mark LancasterLatin American Dub: César SotoPortuguese Dub (Portugal): Joaquim MonchiqueTriviaLike Amond and Cacao, Daiz is not named in the film's dialogue and his name is only given in the credits and character profiles.

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