The Dalton Cowboy Brothers are the main antagonists of Lucky Luke comics. However, they more comical antiheroes than actual villains, because of their incredible stupidity. They are very popular in France and Belgium.

The Four Brothers Edit

  • Joe is the smallest and most intelligent (or least stupid) of the brothers, and the gang leader. He is also the most agressive, and hates Lucky Luke more than anything. Joe is always the one who make up plans, and he takes great pride in committing crimes and being feared in the whole west. However, he always ends up ridiculed and outsmarted by Lucky Luke.
  • William and Jack, secound and third in size order. The have no other purpose in life than obeying and aiding Joe, and being angry at Averell when Joe is. They have less clear personalities, and sometimes even their names are mixed up.
  • Averell, the tallest and most stupid of the gang. He drives Joe furious because of his idiocy, and is often the main reason of the Daltons' failures. Averell loves food, and is Ma's favorite.

History Edit

The Dalton Brothers are born in Belgium with their Mom Ma Dalton & their father Bob Dalton died in a cancer so the Dalton goes throught the west & start a crime spree after a few years.

The Wild West Edit

The Dalton Brothers appeared along with Lucky Luke in the first Lucky Luke cartoon, Daisy Town from 1971. The cartoon was partially an original story, which was later turned into an album in 1983, and partially a mixture of several side stories from the albums (voices by Pierre Trabaud, Jacques Jouanneau, Jacques Balutin and Pierre Tornade as Joe, Jack, William and Avarell respectively). In the following cartoons, including the latest cartoon from 2007, the four brothers have appeared on a regular basis and will presumably continue to do so.When Lucky Luke was transferred to live action movies in 1991, the Dalton Brothers were there too in both movies. Joe was played by Ron Carey, Jack by Bo Greigh, William by Dominic Barto and Avarell by Fritz Sperberg. The third movie, Les Dalton from 2004, was a Dalton Brothers movie rather than a Lucky Luke movie. Here Joe was played by Eric Judor, Jack by Saïd Serrari, William by Romain Berger and Avarell by Ramzy Bedia.

Video Games Edit

Several Lucky Luke games have been released over the years, the earliest record of the Dalton Brothers appearing in games so far, is Lucky Luke: The Video Game from 1996. They have appeared in at least one more game, Lucky Luke: Go West for PC, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS from 2007, and most likely they have appeared in other games.

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