Dark Specter is the leader of the United Alliance of Evil and the primary antagonist of Power Rangers In Space, as well as being the true antagonist throughout the entire Zordon era.

Capture of Zordon

Dark Specter had organized an attack on the planet, Eltar, and succeeded in capturing the Power Rangers mentor, Zordon. He began draining him of his power and then called a meeting of the United Alliance of Evil. During the meeting, a Power Ranger was caught spying on them, but he escaped and Dark Specter ordered Astronema to get rid of any Power Rangers to prevent them from saving Zordon. Later, he commanded her to constantly assault Earth to keep the Space Rangers busy.

Battles with the Rangers

Later when the Space Rangers tried to save Zordon with help from the Phantom Ranger, Dark Specter set up a trap for them and even pretended to be Zordon, however the Rangers escaped. After Astronema managed to remember that she was Karone, Andros' sister, Dark Specter gave Darkonda control of the Dark Fortress before he managed to use cybernetic enhancements to regain control of her. However this backfired on the Grand Monarch of Evil since it made Astronema so evil that she decided to turn on her former master.


Dark Specter weakened from power drain.

Countdown to Destruction

Dark Specter eventually initiated a universal invasion by the United Alliance of Evil, which was an extreme success. However he was assaulted by Darkonda, who attempted to destroy him with a missile capable of annihilating a planet. Though it worked, Dark Specter managed to swallow Darkonda's jet, taking the bounty hunter with him.


It is unknown exactly how powerful Dark Specter is, but he is presumably much more powerful than all the other villains, since they are so intimidated by him. He is able to unleash fire and lightning, corrupt a person's mind, teleport, spread evil, and drain energy from others.


Dark Specter bears an unmistakable resemblance to Maligore, which is even pointed out by Divatox (when he appears at the meeting of the UAE, she said he reminded her of her fiancé). The Maligore costume was most likely reused due to budget cuts that the In Space season received.

Goldgoyle from Power Rangers Turbo may have been his servant.

In Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Prince Olympius unveiled a rock resembling Dark Specter's hide capable of destroying Mariner Bay in seconds.

He is one of the few villains to be larger than a Megazord.

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