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Darkrai (Mystery Dungeon)
My wish engulf this world in darkness...
~ Darkrai

Though Darkrai is normally a well meaning being, in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series of games, mainly Pokémon Mystery Dungeon; Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, Darkrai serves as the true main antagonist and is a force of pure evil.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2Edit

In the beginning of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Time/Sky, Darkrai sabotaged Temporal

Darkrai Sprite

Darkrai Sprite

Tower, home of Dialga. He transforms Dialga into Primal Dialga, which is Dialga but seemingly lost control and acts like a beast. This caused an issue with time freezing in the future as well as time in the present, but two stood against this, Grovyle and the player's character. They went back into the past to stop time from stopping in the future. Darkrai, displeased with this, attacks the player and Grovyle as they are traveling through time, causing the player's character to get amnesia. When Darkrai finds out that Grovyle lived and started to gather Timegears, the objects that uphold time, he manipulates Primal Dialga to send Dusknoir to capture Grovyle and the player's character. Dusknoir does so, after they are captured, Dusknoir attempts to destroy them, failing miserably.

Darkrai again, manipulates Primal Dialga to send Dusknoir after them, which Primal Dialga does so. When the player finally gets to the Old Ruins, an area that takes them to Temporal Tower, Dusknoir get in their way. They fight and Dusknoir is defeated, but Grovyle had to take Dusknoir back to the future, sacrificing himself to do so. The player and his other partner goes up to Temporal Tower to fight Primal Dialga and defeats him, and causing time to once again flow correctly. The player vanishes from the world because it was destined to happen if time changed, but is returned back to the world by Dialga.

Darkrai, by this time, has had it with the heroes. He begins to mess with dimensions and space, causing Palkia to become angry. He first takes the form of his polar opposite Cresselia by lying to the heroes that they are causing the disruption of space. He then starts to spread making nightmares by starting with Azurill, forcing the player & his/her partner to enter his dream with Drowzee's help. After reaching the endpoint of the nightmare, Darkrai (in the form of Cresselia) attempts to kill both heroes, only to be interrupted by Drowzee, forcing him to retreat. Darkrai then enters Palkia's dreams and manipulates him to believe that the player and his/her partner are causing the issue with the distortion of space. Darkrai also begins to make nightmares spread all across the world, locking many Pokémon within them. He then tries to urge Palkia to kill the heroes but decided to finish them off after the latter refuses. He was then exposed by the real Cresselia, who knocks him off afterwards. Darkrai then curses Cresselia, then retreats to a Dimensional Hole while offering them a chance to stop him at Dark Crater.

The player and his/her partner, alongside with Cresselia, goes to confront Darkrai at Dark Crater, at this point Darkrai confesses to them that he's the reason for basically everything bad that has happened to them. Darkrai then attempts to destroy the player's teams' bonds by giving them a deal to rule the world, only to fail as the player finds out in was a nightmare attempting to ruin their bonds. He/she then hits Darkrai, only for the latter to knock him/her off. He then summons several of his minions and they engage in battle, defeating Darkrai. Darkrai still believes at this point he has an ace on his sleeve & opens up a Dimensional Hole to escape. Before he could, Palkia appears to end Darkrai's schemes once & for all. Darkrai immediately jumps into the Dimensional Hole but Palkia has set up his Spacial Rend attack by blasting the time portal with Darkrai still inside it.


  • Arbok
  • Rhyperior
  • Magmortar
  • Aggron
  • Magcargo
  • Mismagius


  • In the side quest of the games, Darkrai can walk through walls, despite not being a Ghost-Type Pokémon.
  • Though genderless in the main games, Darkrai is referred as a male in the series.
  • According to Palkia, Darkrai is not killed as the blast gave him amnesia, similar to that of the player's. With his thoughts of world domination, and plunging the world into darkness and nightmares erased, Darkrai is left to wander the world. He can be encountered & recruited in any certain dungeon if the player brings a Secret Slab or Mystery Part. It's up to fans to decide whether he redeems or not after his recruitment.
  • Among Darkrai's minions, Arbok is the only Pokémon who cannot be encountered in the floors of Dark Crater.
  • This Darkrai has many similarities with the Joker from the Nolanverse:
    • Both made their debut in the second installation of their respective series.
    • Both have manipulated individuals and events to their own gain.
    • Both have drove an individual into becoming evil and insane (Darkrai drove Dialga into becoming Primal Dialga , while the Joker drove Harvey Dent into becoming Two Face).
    • Both desire absolute destruction and chaos of their worlds, though Darkrai was planning to rule the tattered remains of its world, while the Joker cause chaos and destruction simply for entertainment.
    • Both had their minions help them against their fight with the heroes (Darkrai had his fellow Pokemon and the Joker had his dogs).
    • Both had backup plans should their original plan fail (Darkrai would escape through the dimensional hole, while the Joker was going to blow up the two hostage ships anyway).
    • Both survived their fight against the protagonist but not without suffering some form of punishment, despite it being small compared to the damage they caused (Darkrai suffered amnesia, while the Joker went to prison).
    • Both of their action led to devestating consequences in the future.
  • Darkrai also has similarities to Tobi from Naruto:
    • Both manipulate someone to further their plans (Primal Dialga for Darkrai, Sasuke Uchiha for Tobi.
    • Both change considerably after having their minds altered.
  • Darkrai also has similarities with Dimentio from Super Paper Mario:
    • Both made their reveal as the true main villain near the end of their respective games.
    • Both have manipulated events and individuals behind the scenes, including the false antagonists.
    • Both have broke the minds of someone to further their plans (Dialga for Darkrai, Fracktail for Dimentio).
    • Both don't care if their actions cause the world to be in ruin so long as they get to rule it in the end.
    • Both have offered the heroes to join them.
    • Both tried to get rid of the heroes once they are of no use to them.
    • Both used individuals to help them get rid of the heroes (Darkrai used his minions, while Dimentio used Luigi).
    • Both had backup plans should their original plan fail (Darkrai would escape through the dimensional hole, while Dimentio would use the remains of the Chaos Heart to destroy reality).
    • Both are the most cunning and powerful villains of their respective game series.
    • Both are also the darkest and evilest villains of their respective game series.
    • Both debut in a spin-off of a main video game series, Mario and Pokemon respectively.
      • Intersestingly, both of those game series come from Nintendo.

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