It is such a quite thing, to fall, but far more terrible is to admit it.
~ Kreia to fallen Jedi Atris

Darth Traya, also known as, Kreia is the secondary antagonist of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. She was once a Jedi Master who was exiled by the Jedi Council due to her students following orders by Darth Revan and being Revan's master.

As a result, she founded Trayus Academy on Malachor V and turned to the Dark Side, taking the name Darth Traya. Her apprentices at the academy were Sion and Nihilus who would later betray, banish her and take her place. Losing positions as a teacher, Traya helps the Jedi Exile under the name Kreia. In the end, she betrays the Exile by revealing her true identity and kills the Jedi Masters who had exiled her. Afterwards, Surik find Traya at Malachor V. Meetra then fights and kills Traya in the end, throwing her into the pit of Malachor V right before the planet is destroyed.


The life of Kreia is shrouded in myetery as she would probably like to have it. What is knows is that she was once a historian and Jedi master who trained many students, including Darth Revan. Her method of teaching could be called unorthodox as her fellow Jedi deemed them "Kreia's Conundrums" that left her students with questions on the mysteries of the vast galaxy. Her most notable student, Revan went on to openly defy the Jedi Council during the Mandalorian Wars showing the Council that not only was he worthy of exile but as was Kreia. The Jedi Council, especially Jedi Master Atris found Kreia's teachings and students to be failures and thus they exiled Kreia from the order altogether.

After this she began to question her life as a Jedi and ultimatly abandoned them, going on to find the Trayus Academy and took it as a place for generations of Revan's fallen duplicates or followers. There she began to search for wounds in the force like Darth Sion and the Dark Lord Darth Nihilus, who became the ruler. Together the three formed a triumative with each taking on titles. Darth Nihilus as the Lord of Hunger, Darth Traya as the Lord of Betrayal and Darth Sion as the Lord of Pain. Though they were united in name, their core practices began to differ. Traya wished to use the Sith to destroy the Force forever, having come to view it as a manipulative, amoral god that caused great pain in the pursuit of an abstract principle of "balance", while Nihilus and Sion started a crusade to kill every last Jedi in the galaxy. This difference caused them to turn on her, casting her out into exile once again and cutting her off from the Force.

Seeking a New Student

Traya took on her name once more, Kreia, and began to seek out Meetra Surik also known as the Jedi Exile who had served as a general under Revan and one of Kreia's former students. After fiding the Exile, she led the exile as a teacher through the galaxy to find the remaining Jedi Council members but with an alternative goal than the Exiles. Kreia wanted another student like Revan, and hoped that Meetra would be this, but in the end she would be disappointed and have to kill Meetra, or die trying.


Kreia or Darth Traya as she was revealed once back at Malachor V in the Trayus Academy took on the Jedi Exile for the first and last time in the core of Malachor. All the while the Jedi Exile's ally Bao-Dur had rigged the planet with core detonators years ago that would still work if need be. On the exile's order, the planet would implode. In the final battle, Kreia eventually revealed secrets of what would become of the Exile's companions like Bao-Dur and Canderous Ordo or Mandalore who had served with Revan similar to how he served with Meetra. After this Kreia fell into Malachor V's core and moments later the detenator went off, with the Exile escaping with her companions.

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