Death is a reccuring antagonist in Adventure time. Serving as the main antagonist of the episode Death in Bloom, and as a secondary villain in other episodes. He is voiced by Miguel Ferrer.

Adventure time

He is first seen in Death in Bloom, where Finn and Jake go to his dimension to retrieve the life of Princess Bubblegum's Princess Plant. He declines and even steals Jake's memory, however he challenges Finn to a musical battle. In which Death wins and traps Finn in a barrier, stating that the cost of losing is his life. However, Finn mentions to Death that Pepermint Butler said hi to him. Upon hearing this, he immediately releases Finn, gives back Jake's memory and the life of the Princess Plant. This is due to his friendship with the mysterious butler.

He returns in Sons of Mars where the King of Mars demands him to hand resurrect Jake ( who was acidentally killed) but Death simply laughs it off, until the King sacrifices himself by giving Death his immortality. Setting Jake free.

In Betty, he tries to take the dyng Simon away, but with no success.

In Wake Up he is seen at a party at Prismo's.

He is seen shortly in Flute Spell too.

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