Denimcon voice of (Jerry Seinfeld) is a Evil blue Denim Monster like Mutant released from the X Vault by Frax (Voice Of Jason Alexander) Nadira (Voice Of Ashley Tisdale) & Gluto (Voice Of Dennis Quaid) While Ransik (Voice Of Carter Jenkins) Bullied the students at Woodlawn Middle School He appears in the episode of the Power Rangers Time Force Spin Off PS Time Force which aired from 2011-2012 and 8th season in ps franchise who had the same actor as Triskull IN PS Lightspeed Resuce Which Aired From 2010-2011 A 7th season in the PS Franchise His powers are launching and tossing Exploding pairs of Jeans & Exploding Ripped Jeans, Exploding Jean Shorts, Exploding Cut off Shorts and exploding Jeans all are blue Alex Dicola The Red Time Force Student & 8th grader

Parodiyng Wesley Collins . Luis Sorlazanzo The Blue time force Student and 6th Grader Parodying Lucas Kendall, Tory Rothchild The Green Time Force Student and 7th grader Parodying Trip Regis, Vaska Figurski The Yellow Time Force Student and 8th grader parodying Katie Walker, Wookyung Lee The Pink Time Force Student & 6th grader parodying Jen Scotts, & David Baerra the Quantum Student Parodying Eric Meyers Get a call from Circuit that Denimcon is attacking again they morph and set off the capture the mutant He throws all pairs of jean and ripped jeans and then he turns the switch on his control and blows them up then the students take him down first they battle the cyclobots then luis finds a pair of ripped jeans it was also a bomb alex said when will the bomb go off and luis yells exactly ten seconds from now and he said this thing is going to explode in 10 seconds and he htells troy vaska and wookyung and alexander use their Vector Weapons to blast the bell down. and after that the pair of ripped jeans blows up and knocks denimcon off his feet he gets struck by the vortex blaster and he removes a DNA Patch and enlarges and grows Alex calls circuit to send the Time flyers and alex and his teamates form the time force megazord mode red and megazord mode red attacks first the denimcon attacks with his tail and the students combine the megazord into shaddow force megazord mode red and then shaddow force megazord freezes and destroys denimcon the Q rex Megazord help take down the mutant then he was recatured by the pink student

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