Dennis nedry bigbad

Full Name

Dennis Nedry


Nedry (possibly)


To release the dinosaurs and steal their eggs, and escape in front of each dinosaur and survive. (all eventually failed)


Gets killed by a juvenile Dilophosaurus.

Ah, ah, ah! You didn't say the magic word!
~ Dennis Nedry.

Dennis Nedry is the secondary antagonist in the 1993 Oscar-winning summer blockbuster film, Jurassic Park.

He was portrayed by Wayne Knight.


He is a worker in Jurassic Park, and has dealt with Lewis Dodgson, a worker in a pirate company named Biosyn Inc., and has conspired with him to release the dinosaurs by interrupting the systems, and take their eggs, then escape work without getting caught by Jurassic Park workers or by dinosaurs.


Before the film

He found a job and worked in Jurassic Park, but he later realized he has financial trouble, thus conspiring with people and selling objects from Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park

He started off dealing with Lewis Dodgson, a worker of the pirate company Biosyn Inc., and was paid to conspire a plan so he can share with him business of selling these dinosaurs to other companies, militaries and associations.

He then pretended to find the lost people in the park (Alan, Ellie, Lex and Tim) as he really interrupted with the systems, so the dinosaurs will be released, and he can take their eggs, attempting to transport the eggs to Lewis, and get the dinosaurs as his idea without them, realizing he is stealing their eggs.

He then tries to escape from the park, but just from a hurry, his car got stuck in the mud. He then sees a juvenile Dilophosaurus, and trys to stop him from interfering his plans, by talking to him. However, after he says that he will run him down when he gets to his car, the Dilophosaurus finds out about his plan, and revenges him, desiring him as a meal. The young Dilophosaurus spits glue-like gum on him, and Dennis gets stuck in it as he is entering his car. In the car, the Dilophosaurus finishes him, and eats his remains (except his corpse) off for his evil actions.


He is a nihilist, who would betray his boss due to financial problems for more money, and an extreme egomaniac, for not caring about the cost of death, but just being obsessed with his plans. He is very similar to Commander Vic Hoskins, the main antagonist in Jurassic World, for them both trying to steal ideas, not caring about other lives.


  • He is the first Jurassic Park villain to be introduced.
  • He is made to look like the movie's main antagonist, but is never seen again after halfway into the movie, making him technically a posthumous main antagonist for the rest of the film, having indirectly released the Big One who would hunt/kill humans out of believing them as threat for her pack and Rexy who roamed around the area outside her paddock that she was not familiar with.
  • Dennis Nedry is also the reason that the events of the following movies happened, as his actions indirectly resulted in InGen going bankrupt, though it can be argued that it would have happened with or without Nedry's interference. 


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