Derek Dietl is the secondary antagonist of Monsters vs. Aliens. He is Susan's ex-fiance who worked as a weatherman for the local news station in Modesto, California.

Role In the film

When Susan becomes Ginormica, Derek breaks up with her because he doesn't wish to be married to someone who could overshadow his career. At the end of the film, he tried to get Susan back in love with him, but Susan, reallizing he will still be extremly selfish, gets her revenge on Derek by publicly humiliating him. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, but he presumably got fired from his job and went out of business.


Derek started off as Susan's lover,but he's later revealed to be ambitious, opportunistic, and selfish. Derek jumps at every opportunity to enhance his career whenever one presents itself, making him place his job before anything else, including his relationship with Susan.

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