Derrick "The Dog" Prince is the secondary, later true main antagonist of the 2015 crime thriller Heist (also known as Bus 657) he is Frank Silva's former henchman who only wishes to betray him and get all the money. He is potrayed by Morris Chestnut.


He is seen at the very beginning where he tortures and kills a couple that attempted to rob his boss and then later at his retirement party. Afterwards he kicks Luke Vaughn out of his boss's office after he unssuccesfully asks Frank for money for his sick daughter. This angers Luke, so he decides to rob his boss's casino along with a man called Cox and take the money, however this goes awry as the getaway driver cowers and leaves, forcing them to hijack a bus. During their long drive in the bus that's filled with people, including a pregnant woman and a small child. Frank calls Derrick multiple times to find them, not realizing that he is secretly scheming against him. Later, after the bus crashes, Luke and the driver make plan in which he keeps driving and Luke swiftly gets out, blending with the hostages that he released. He is soon captured by Derrick, Frank and Marconi, a corrupt officer who is also revealed to be a part of this, only to reveal that the pregnant woman is actually his sister in disguise and that she took the money and already gave it to the hospital for his daughters curing. Angered, Derrick accidentally reveals his true intentions and threatens to kill his daughter, upon realizing this, Frank immediately shoots Derrick and kills him.

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