Destro was one of the higher-echelon members of the terrorist organization known as Cobra. Destro, like Cobra Commander, wears a mask to conceal his features, this one being a simple bald-headed facemask. He is of Scottish descent, distantly related to Lady Jaye. His family has worn masks for centuries in honor of an ancestor who was tried for witchcraft. He was found guilty and sentenced to wear a mask for the rest of his life- his family has worn masks since, and will continue to wear them until law itself is overthrown. He originally wore a silver mask and a black suit with red trimmings, but he later changed to a golden mask with a black, caped suit. Destro was often disgusted with Cobra Commander's incompetence, but eventually assisted him in regaining leadership of Cobra from Serpentor. He occasionally pursued a relationship with fellow Cobra headperson, the Baroness.

G.I. Joe (1983, 1989) Edit

Sunbow[edit] Edit

In the 1980s G.I. Joe cartoon series, Destro was voiced by Arthur Burghardt.[36] In the Sunbow produced series, Destro is portrayed much differently, as he and Cobra Commander have a more contemptuous relationship. Destro is not afraid to say what is on his mind and even physically assaults him in some cases. Cobra Commander usually just lets him get away with it because he is the only one who would know how to operate the doomsday devices he makes. Destro is the creator of such technological super weapons as the Weather Dominator. He has also created some organic implements of destruction such as the Creeper Vine, as seen in The Revenge of Cobra miniseries. Furthermore, while Cobra Commander was generally portrayed as a bungler, Destro was both a more serious and more competent villain.

The origin of Destro's mask is given in the first season episode "Skeletons in the Closet". In this episode, it is revealed that an ancestor of Destro's was convicted of witchcraft and forced to wear a hideous metal mask that marked the nature of his crime. As a mark of defiance, all of this man's descendants chose to wear masks, Destro included. This episode also revealed that Destro shared a common ancestor with G.I. Joe member Lady Jaye.[37]

In Season Two having grown tired of Cobra Commander's failures, Destro joins Doctor Mindbender and Tomax and Xamot in an attempt to create a new leader. They eventually succeed when they create Serpentor. It appears as though Destro realizes Serpentor is growing too powerful and that under Cobra Commander's leadership he had more power within Cobra, and in the final episode of the second season he is helping Cobra Commander and the Coil, an organization built by the Commander to eliminate Serpentor, Doctor Mindbender and G.I. Joe in one sweep.

G.I. Joe: The Movie[edit] Edit

Destro has a supporting role in G.I. Joe: The Movie, offering his loyalty to Serpentor, Golobulus and Cobra-La, quickly turning against Cobra Commander once again. In the final battle between the Joes and Cobra-La, Destro is seen fighting, but it is not revealed how he escaped from the explosion that destroyed the rest of Cobra-La.[38]

DiC[edit] Edit

In the miniseries "Operation: Dragonfire" of the DiC G.I. Joe, Destro (voiced by Maurice LaMarche)[39] has survived the events of the movie and is now Serpentor's right-hand man. He now sports a gold mask and 'Iron Grenadier' uniform with cape. Apparently having tired of the Baroness, Destro is now in a relationship with Zarana. Humiliated by Destro's rejection, The Baroness uses Dragonfire energy to return Cobra Commander to semi-human form. Once he has returned, Cobra Commander contacts Destro, who informs the Commander he will join him again if he is able to overthrow Serpentor. He is also forced to 'dump' Zarana by the Baroness, which he does, literally, through a trap door. With Serpentor defeated, Destro renews his alliance with Cobra Commander and repairs his relationship with the Baroness.

Throughout the series, Destro does not show as much disrespect for the Commander as he did in the Sunbow series, appearing more loyal than before. But he does still maintain his role as the more level-headed and intelligent of the Cobra leaders, and often has to talk some sense into Cobra Commander and stop his hysterical rants. He still shows his disdain for the Commander, but mainly keeps his remarks to himself. In the second season of the DIC series, Destro regains his silver mask and dons a variation of his classic outfit.

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