Group: Unidentified - Level: Mega - Type: Unidentified - Attack Techniques: Web Wrecker, Cable Crusher

Diaboromon is the Digivolved form of Infermon, the Ultimate stage Digimon who grew from the Digi-Egg created by Willis, a chosen child from America, when it was attacked by a computer virus on the Internet. Having already defeated MetalGreymon and MegaKabuterimon, Infermon Digivolved to Diaboromon to battle WarGreymonand MetalGarurumon, who had to stop him from consuming information on the Internet, and prevent a nuclear launch he had initiated in America from striking Japan and wiping out the DigiDestined. Diaboromon easily overpowered the two Digimon, who's connection to the Internet was slowed down as a result of hundreds of e-mails sent by children watching around the world, allowing Diaboromon to defeat them. As they lay weakened, the energy from the e-mails which were sent to bolster them re-powered them, allowing them to Digivolve together, into one, newer, more powerful Digimon - Omnimon! Diaboromon and Omnimon battled, but the agile evil Digimon was too fast for Omnimon's Supreme Cannon attack. With only ten seconds left until the nuclear launch, Izzy hit upon the idea of re-routing all the kids' e-mails, to slow Diaboromon down in the same way they had been slowed previously. Frozen in place, Diaboromon could do nothing, as Omnimon impaled him through the head with his Transcendent Sword attack, destroying him, and terminating the missile launch with less than a second to go. However, Diaboromon had not been completely destroyed. Over the next four years, he reconstituted himself, and began to reproduce, in the form of millions of Kuramon. Transmitting them through e-mail, Diaboromon sent the Kuramon to Earth, where the new generation of DigiDestined rounded them up, as Tai, Matt and Omnimon headed into the Internet to battle Diaboromon again. Angemon andAngewomon came along to aid them, and held Diaboromon long enough for Omnimon to impale him once more. Diaboromon was destroyed, but just beforehand, Davis had played right into his hands - having learned that Kari had gone into the Internet, he had demanded Yolei open the gate for him to follow and help, but in doing so, the gate was opened wide enough for all of the remaining Kuramon to enter the real world through it. In Tokyo Harbour, they merged into Armageddemon, who was subsequently defeated by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Diaboromon first appears in "Digimon: The Movie." His voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter. He reappears in '"Revenge of Diaboromon." Name: Diaboromon is a corruption of his original Japanese name, "Diablomon," which is derived from the Spanish word, "diablo," meaning "devil."

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